How Online News Sources Benefits Quebec’s Art Festivals

Getting the news on art fairs was hard before the advent of the internet. You had to visit community billboards or subscribe to magazines or newspapers. This took your precious time and cluttered up your home with old newspapers. This wasn’t good for the environment either, just think of how many trees we lost to create such publications. Enter the age of social media. This age made getting news more accessible. One stand out benefit of getting news using this method is you can pick what’s relevant to you, and it’s free. Here are other ways online news sources benefit Quebec’s vibrant art scene.


Not only are online news sources spreading the news on art fairs faster than printed media, but you also get news and stats on arts events much like you’ll get the latest online casino news at the click of a button. You can also contact the event’s organizers and get immediate responses. This saves you even more time as you make plans to attend. Another handy feature is you can confirm your attendance or book reservations to exclusive events. Ticketing apps also allow you to pay for art festivals in advance.

Unbiased Reviews

With the print media, you can only depend on reviews from critics and fan letters. The editors of such publications have the last say on reviews. Therefore, most of them are framed in a way that favours the publisher. However, the internet has various sites that can provide user-submitted reviews. These users tend to be less biased because they have no affiliation with the event. Hence, they have nothing to gain from speaking the truth.


Mobile phone maps like those on Google Maps have changed, eliminated the need to ask for directions. These days’ organizers can host an event even in remote locations because of such technologies. All they have to do is drop a pin on a virtual map, and guests will have specific coordinates.